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Foley Ink writes its first chapter

Just as the cobbler's children have no shoes, the writer's blog has no posts. Until now. I re-started my consultancy in marketing and communications about 18 months ago and with a lot of help, I am getting steady work. Of course, there could always be more! At the...

Get some rest, David

Get some rest, David

Tom and I can't stop talking and thinking about David Carr's death. The only thing I can tell those of us who knew him or admired him and will miss him is that he really had a ball once he got sober. He died exactly where he likely wanted to go --- in the newsroom. He...

Thanks, Nick Ring

For months I have been trying to fix a quirk with my wordpress code and I tried to get someone to help me. I finally asked expert Nick Ring for advice and now I can use foleymedia group again. Thanks, Nick!!